Frost damage to seeds?

J.J.Luck bsu416 at
Mon Oct 9 14:13:50 EST 1995

Dear Chris,

I have recently developed an interest in bonsai. According to the books I consulted on 
how to grow bonsai, I have learned the following information which will probably help 

Some bonsai originate from warmer climates and are siutable for indoor growing. But 
species native to our country MUST be kept outdoors because they actually require the 
extremes of weather conditions. If they are brought indoors, they do not receive the 
conditions their metabolisms have evolved to exploit and they often die.

Seeds from native trees are designed to cope with British weather. Young saplings are 
similarly endowed. However, as trees growing in pots are a bit more exposed, they may 
well feel the effects of winter. The best way to protect the root systems of potted 
plants from freezing, is to sink them into the ground, where they will be better 
insulated from frosts.

Remember: nature knows best.

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