[VIPS] Crown ideotype for hybrid poplar

'Toby' H D Bradshaw toby at u.washington.edu
Wed Oct 11 18:10:04 EST 1995

In article <DGAqGK.I1F at uia.ua.ac.be>,
Reinhart.Ceulemans <rceulem at uia.ua.ac.be> wrote:
>As Toby mentioned leaf size in poplar seems to be related to overall
>growth (as we have also observed). A large leaf size has, however,
>also a significant impact on the leaf's energy balance and
>the total load of energy that it will collect (and has to
>use or get rid of through evapotranspiration). In reply to
>Telewski's remarks, there has been an interesting paper by
>J. Grace and J. Wilson back in 1976 on the "boundary layer
>over a Populus leaf" (J.Exp.Bot. 27:231-241) where the
>authors looked to the relation between leaf size in poplar
>and its effects on boundary conductance and sensible
>heat fluxes.

Based on what is known about poplar anatomy/morphology, is
it likely to be possible to produce a high-LAI canopy with
small leaves (by having many of them), or can we expect a
strict negative correlation between single-leaf area and
productivity in all the better hybrids?

-Toby Bradshaw
toby at u.washington.edu

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