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Subject: Ideotype question

Theoretically, a high LAI crop canopy with erectophile (highly angled) leaves
at the top, grading to planophile (horizontally displayed) leaves at the base
would be the ideal collector of solar radiation, especially at low latitudes
where sun angles are high.  Leaves at the top of the canopy are not light
limited so they can afford to be angled and let a lot of light through.
Leaves at the canopy base are light limited and should be planophile to
collect as much of the radiation that gets through as possible.  Angled leaves
at the canopy top also would absorb less direct sun and not get as hot.  Of
course in the case of poplars quaking helps to dissipate energy, too.

Trouble is this optimum light absorption theory has not been empirically
tested using an ideal model system.  Perhaps poplar F2s would come in handy
here.  The agronomy people have used isogenic lines to test this theory, e.g.
with corn, but up til now we have not had comparable material available for a


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