logging and environmental problems

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>Canada is interesting in that they still have no reforestation plan.
>They're just cutting and running with no real management plan.

Hey where do you get off with statements like that?!

B.C. has planted over a Billion trees on cutover lands in that last decade. 
All Canada provinces require reforestation (natural or articifical ) on a 
ll cronw lands. Private lands have had a more mixed history.

Canada is also recognized for its National Forest Strategy, the foremost 
strategy of its kind in the world!!!!! This strategy outlines how to 
measure and ensure biodiversity, criteria and indicators for sustainable 
management, timber supply, aboriginal rights, improvements to forest 
management and harvesting technology, international relations and many many  
other factors that contribute to sustainable forests. It seeks concensus and 
scientific answers. I suggest you get a copy and read it before you make such 
outlandish remarks.

>> Instead of hysteria and emotion, we should, as a society, let good 
>> science, facts and common sense drive the forestry debate 

>So who gets to select the facts?

>-- Larry Caldwell           larryc at teleport.com
>   Myrtle Creek, Oregon

The best time to  plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today.

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