[VIPS] Ideotype question (fwd)

'Toby' H D Bradshaw toby at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 16 12:22:19 EST 1995

>From: Don.Dickmann <22484DID at msu.edu>
>Subject: Ideotypes with/without crown clo

>My inclination is that canopy geometry traits are relatively nonplastic, e.g.
>a genotype with a narrow crown will show this trait whether planted in
>isolation or tightly packed in a plantation.  That is not to say that traits
>will not be modified somewhat due to competition, but the relative standing of
>a given genotype in relation to other genotypes will remain about the same,
>regardless of how it is crowded, i.e. there will be little genotype x
>environment interaction for canopy geometry traits.  That would be my
>hypothesis, anyway, but it certainly needs to be more thoroughly tested.

I-214, for instance, looks quite a bit different when open-grown that 
when in typical veneer plantations.  However, in my discussion with
breeders they tell me that very few rank changes in clonal performance
are observed when going from single tree plots to monoclonal block
trials, which supports your hunch.

-Toby Bradshaw
toby at u.washington.edu

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