White Birch... Help Needed

Bob Bryan bbryan at bullfrog.mfg.stratus.com
Thu Oct 19 08:30:56 EST 1995

I'm posting this for someone else.  This person does not have access to 
this news group so could you please respond via email to the address below.

thx, bob

>	If you could please post these few lines with the subject of 
>"White Birch : Help Needed", to the newsgroup that you recieved your reply 
>from, I would be very greatful.  

> > 	I am a biology student at the Memorial University of 
> > Newfoundland.  I am in the performing the extremely tedious assignment of 
> > writing an essay on Betula Papyrifera (White Birch, Paper Birch).  I 
> > found your name on a veronica search of gopher, and noticed that you 
> > wrote to a botany newsgroup (one I do not have access to) about a similar 
> > question.  I have all the basics, but I am having extreme difficulty 
> > finding information on the specifics: i.e. specific mycorrhizae, etc. 
> > I was wondering if anyone might be able to lend some advice, point me 
> > towards some reference material, or direct me to a higher authority which 
> > might be able to lend me some help.  
> > 
> > Thanx in advance.
> > 
> > Chad Hefford
chefford at ucs.mun.ca


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