req: zipcode or email N. central Forest. Exp Stn

Wed Oct 25 15:30:26 EST 1995

In article <bdail.17.308BDE3B at>
bdail at (Bryan Dail) writes:
>I am in need of a reprint by H. W. Shcroeder at this site (North Central
>Forest Experiment Station), but failed in reprint request card sent to general
>delivery zip to Chicago (60607)any help you can provide would be appreciated!
Bryan,  We might be able to help you.  We're the Forest Service Library Service
 for this area but have most of NC FES publications.  Send me an email directly
 with the citation and I'll see if we have it.  OR the address for the NC Fores
t Experiment Station is 1992 Folwell Ave., St. Paul, MN  55108.  If the reprint
request is being sent directly to the author though they may be at another loca
tion.  We could try to track the guy down for you.  Deb
>D. Bryan Dail
>bdail at

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