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> Oregon State University recently released results of a study they did on
> climate change and how it is effected by deforestation.

> I heard it on the news around 10/24. Basically, it was that older trees do
> a lot better job of ?filtering carbon monoxide? or something to that
> effect. Conversion of our forests from old-growth to young second growth
> is having a detrimental effect on the climate - perhaps contributing to
> global warming.

It's just timber industry hype.  Primal forests are pretty much steady
state with respect to CO2.  Decay and fire just about balance 
photosynthesis.  The news release indicated that if the forests get
older because of a reduced cut then the would uptake less CO2 and
cause global warming.

If you wait a couple hundred years there may be a reduction in CO2 
uptake, but current reforested stands will be increasing biomass for
a century or so yet.  Worldwide there's evidence that cutting down
forests dries out the climate.  Tree respiration is a major source
of atmospheric moisture over forests.

I understand that temperate zone forests do manage to lock up a lot of
CO2, as well as cleaning the air of other pollutants.  I don't think
that's really news.

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