tree farming, dual land use, better cash flow

W. Klatt wklattjr at
Wed Sep 6 02:55:09 EST 1995

On 6 Sep 1995 jimfrost at wrote:

> Good day,
> Not sure how much land you're talking about but here in Western Washington I've seen people open primitave 
> campgrouds or lease it for hunting on a yearly basis.
> Jim
Well to be honest I can't quote acreage number, one of my instructors at 
UW was discussing it in one of my courses. But I do know that a good part 
of Wherehauser (sp?) property is closed off to the public and access to 
it is usually give through a use fee. I also can't quote to the 
percentage of Wherehauser lands that use it but those areas I have seen 
are cordon off and well marked...


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