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>> In some instances, the local county government actually pays Wherehauser 

>I believe it is "Weyerhauser,"

Yet another incorrect belief.  Is it really so difficult to look
up a simple name before slandering it?

"Weyerhaeuser" is the correct spelling.

>named after a notable robber baron of
>the 19th century. After scouring the Great Lakes area of Minnisota
Is this near Canida?

>(somewhere around there) and making a lot of money, mr Weyerhauser
>moved west with these ill-gotten gains into Oregon & Washington, where
>he acquired the vast concessions which underwrote his subsequent
>successes.  His company has continued his
>proud tradition of scouring (excuse me: "applying cutting-edge
>scientifically-based fiber harvesting methodologies & technologies
>to...) western American forests to this very day. 

Please define "scouring", explain how it applies to the private
timberlands owned by the company, and how the genetic improvement
and silviculture research carried out by Weyerhaeuser around the
world fits your rather narrow viewpoint.

BTW, which brand of bum wipe do you favor, and why?

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