tree farming, dual land use, better cash flow

thomas macaulay tmacaul2 at
Thu Sep 7 14:09:07 EST 1995

W. Klatt (wklattjr at wrote:

> In some instances, the local county government actually pays Wherehauser 

I believe it is "Weyerhauser," named after a notable robber baron of
the 19th century. After scouring the Great Lakes area of Minnisota
(somewhere around there) and making a lot of money, mr Weyerhauser
moved west with these ill-gotten gains into Oregon & Washington, where
he acquired the vast concessions which underwrote his subsequent
successes.  His company has continued his
proud tradition of scouring (excuse me: "applying cutting-edge
scientifically-based fiber harvesting methodologies & technologies
to...) western American forests to this very day. 

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