Christmas Tree Farm

Eric Stuewe stuewe at PEAK.ORG
Fri Sep 8 17:03:56 EST 1995

Hi Terry: 

Here is the name of our Christmas tree Asso. here is the PNW. I know you 
have a Wisconsin State Christmas tree Asso. also. contact them for 
information, books and upcoming meetings you can attend.

     Pacific Northwest Christmas tree Asso.
     P.O. Box 3366
     Salem, Oregon  97302


All the best to you.

Eric Stuewe

e-mail: stuewe at

On 2 Sep 1995, Terry wrote:

> I am interested in starting a Christmas tree farm in Wisconsin.  
> I don't have an ag background, so if anyone in this region would 
> care to share some info with me, I would appreciate your 
> response.
> You can e-mail me at 75274.3675 at
> Thanks,
> Terry

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