My Cactus is going to die!!!

Noreen Mastascusa sznoreen at
Sat Sep 9 03:25:01 EST 1995

Roger Malo (rogermalo at wrote:
: You might try calling the local agricultural extension agent or contact
: Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas  77843 and ask for the
: department or possibly Clarissa Kimber in the Geography Department there. 
: One of those people might be able to help or steer you in the right
: direction.
: Roger 

TAMU *does* have a Dept of Horticultural Sciences, and I would suggest 
that it would make more sense to contact them rather than someone in the 
Geo Dept.  Actually, ag extension, as suggested above, makes even more 
sense, since I don't remember anyone in the TAMU Dept of Hort Sci who 
knew much about cacti.  Also, there are a bunch of Texas Ag Experiment 
Stations scattered about the state, and these should have extension 
people who might be able to help.

-Noreen Mastascusa, aka namastascusa at

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