Tree Branches Falling OFF!

ZIPPY FL zippyfl at
Sat Sep 9 17:08:18 EST 1995

My mother has a 59 year old Pecan tree on her property.   Within in the
last month some of the branches have broken off (2"-6" in diameter).  My
mom stated this has never happened before to this tree.    The tree is
around 80 feet tall with a 14.5foot circumference at the 4ft high level.  
The tree is located in the New Orleans area.  It has a plentiful crop of
pecans that are ready to fall.    The only parameters that new is that we
poured a 34 ft x 12 ft slab near the tree, on one side.   Most of the
ground around the tree is uncovered.    If any one can provide some
information it would be appreciated.   ...ByArRrRaB...

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