Trembling Aspen Uses

Timothy Martin timm at
Mon Sep 11 14:58:21 EST 1995

In Minnesota, USA, at least (and perhaps in some of the other Great Lakes 
states), Populus tremuloides is used for the manufacture of 
high-quality paper.

I know that in the same region Betula is used for the manufacture of 
matches, popsicle sticks and other small items.  They may also utilize 
Populus for these, but I'm not sure about that.

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On 11 Sep 1995, Bob Arnold wrote:

> We are making a decision on harvest of a stand of Aspen which will 
> begin to break up in a few years. the farm woodlot is located in 
> Northern Saskatchewan.
> Is there a market for a wood that doesn't splinter, but has little
> resistance to rot?

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