conifer cones

J.A.E. van Bergeijk jbergeij at
Tue Sep 12 16:37:34 EST 1995


as an arborist, with great interest for the conifers, which
inhabit our planet I'm always on search of cones of species
of conifers, outside europe.

If you are a collector or otherwise envolved in the field
of this newsgroup you could probably help me on this.

Yes, of course, I'll pay for any costs you'd have to make 
to send me a cone. But please let me know what you plan to 
send me. It gets even better when you're a collector, 
because I'll send you a cone, of your choise, for free, if
it's available to me, in return of this favour.

Please note, your input is encouraged, but free cones are 
only available for those who actually send me cones.

Care for a list? Mail me.


Joep A.E. van Bergeijk

POBox 2061
5202 CB 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

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