Help to save a 350 year old tree

Fri Sep 15 21:43:19 EST 1995

We need help.

The residents of Albany, Georgia wants to save a 350-year-old tree from
the Department of Transportation. The Georgia D.O.T. wants to cut down
a magnificent Oak tree that is 106 feet wide 96 feet wide, so they can
widen t
he road and put in another set of traffic signals. Today the residents
took out a court injunction to stop the tree from being cut down
tomorrow. I will be going to court on Wednesday to try and make the
injunction perman

I am a traffic engineer in Jacksonville, Florida who has been working
with the locals to have the D.O.T. to build a modern roundabout with a
120-foot diameter central island. This island will keep the asphalt
away from th
e drip line so the tree will be able to recover some of the past damage
done to it. Currently the asphalt on two sides is close to the tree.
The local arborist says the tree can recover with some tender care if
we can get
 the roundabout built. 

Unfortunately the senior staff at the D.O.T. has vowed not to build the
roundabout, even though the roundabout will save the taxpayers money. A
roundabout requires about 20 percent asphalt, saves $40,000 from not
 the traffic signals and saves around $3,000 per year in electricity
and maintenance.  The roundabout will also be much safer and efficient
that the traffic signals. Apart from saving the tree the roundabout
will become a
 gateway to Albany -- just what the people want.

So it is traffic signals or a tree. If you would like to save the tree
please let everyone you know to call the Governor Miller, the D.O.T.
and anyone else you can think of.

If you have let contacts at the media the local NBC and CNN staff are
interested in doing a story but need approval further up. Let them Know
if you can. Pass the story onto other news groups as I am only very new
at this
 and so don't now where else to sent the story.

Gayle Hatmaker and David Edwards from D& D Tree Service in Albany are
spearheading the save the Tree effort. Their number is 912 435-6722.

Michael Wallwork, 904 269-1851(h)
Transportation Engineer
Genesis Group,

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