jerryt at jerryt at
Fri Sep 15 20:41:07 EST 1995

                  extremely urgent notice

 A product was created because of my wife and tow children having 
Muscular Dystrophy. After it was copywritten, it was taken to Wal-Mart,
who sent us to a company called Doskocil 1-800-433-5185. The next thing 
we knew, he and another company called Dogloo Inc. 1-800-326-7387, had
taken all of my designs, and put them on their products. To make matter 
worse, Wal-Mart now clims that we have no right ot make any money form 
this thing I designed for the benifit of my family, even after them 
havingf first hand knowledge of their illness, and knew it was designed 
to help keep them out of the hand out business. We are lookign for some 
kind people who will send a stamp or two, so we can send out as many 
notices, to try and get this non-sense stopped.

                 Sincerely Jerry Thacker & Family
                  P.O. Box 2599 Evansville, Indiana 47728-0599

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