My Backyard was Logged and...

Wed Sep 20 13:27:17 EST 1995

   I have purchased a house with fourteen acres or "wooded" property. The
previous owners had it logged rather aggressively and the company that did
it left quite a mess. Besides scarring (or girdling) a lot of good trees
with their skidder they left a toppings, limbs, small tress (<4" dia) and
almost a full trailer load of large full length pulpwood (>2' dia).
   I'm looking for options on how to clean this up and do a replant of
mixed hardwood and softwood seedlings. The cleanup scares me because of
the volume of material. I was going to chainsaw all of the big stuff and
slpit it for "firewood" where usable. A lot of the debris is rotting
and/or too small so I envisioned digging a pit and burying it. Anything
else would be chipped and spread on ski trails or used in the horse barn.
Problem is I don't have a commercial chipper.
   Any thoughts on what to do (letting it rot is not an option.) Are there
any agencies or companies (International Paper) that donate seedlings?

   Any and help will be greatly appreciated,


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