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> almost a full trailer load of large full length pulpwood (>2' dia).

If it's not rotten almost any logs will be worth good money.  You can
probably clear about $1000 if you can put together a short load of
pulp logs.  Call a mill and they will find a hauler for you.

>    Any thoughts on what to do (letting it rot is not an option.) Are there
> any agencies or companies (International Paper) that donate seedlings?

Pile it up and burn it.  Go buy your seedlings - they're cheap.  The real
expense is planting and brush control.  If you work evenings and weekends
you should be able to plant 3 or 4 acres a year.  A good price for seedlings
is $175-$200 per thousand.  Start with a thousand and work your way up.
You need to get your order in right now if you plan to plant this winter.

A good planting density is about 350 seedlings per acre.  You may have
state foresters or extension agents that can help you get started.  Ask
at the mill, or the county courthouse.

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