Biocontrol of Stump Sprouting in Poplar (fwd)

Meindert de Jong [^_^] tpejong at
Tue Sep 26 13:22:07 EST 1995

Herewith my little off the record story. Enjoy :)
I have almost finished a two years pilot study about:
"Biocontrolling of stump sprouting in poplar and other hardwoods".
I have preliminarily assessed most of my field trials in the 
Dutch polder of Flevoland. {Polder is newly reclaimed land from
the sea.} I applied a mycoherbicide manufactured from the
fungus C.p. It was provided by a Dutch Biocontrol Company.
Some trials could not be assessed yet because they were overgrown
by abundant thistles and stinging nettles. A few biocontrol trials
were not that successfull :( However, one big trial was extremely 
successful from a biocontroller's point of view: 
	All of the 112 inoculated stumps were death!
BTW our manuscript for the scientific journal "Biological Control'
has been accepted by the editorial board. Hip hip hurrah :-)
It is entitled: 
Meindert D. de Jong, E. Sela, S.F. Shamoun, R.E. Wall (199?)
Natural Occurrence of Chondrostereum purpureum in Relation to its
Use as a Biological Control Agent in Canadian Forests.
BTW perhaps I will take a look at the stands with NZ thistle,
Canadian thistle, Californian thistle, Dutch akkerdistel or
whatever, once upon a time ;-)    Tot ziens,
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