My Backyard was Logged and...

Michael D. Relyea mdrelyea at
Thu Sep 28 13:07:49 EST 1995

Kevin R. Joyce (KJOYCE at TVDATA.COM) wrote:
: Help,
:    I have purchased a house with fourteen acres or "wooded" property. The
: previous owners had it logged rather aggressively and the company that did
: it left quite a mess. Besides scarring (or girdling) a lot of good trees
: with their skidder they left a toppings, limbs, small tress (<4" dia) and
: almost a full trailer load of large full length pulpwood (>2' dia).


Perhaps you could burn it there.  Pile it up (a bulldozer would do 
nicely, althogh I doubt you have access, but hey you never know) and just 
light it on fire, makes good fertilizer, just try not to scrape too much 
of the o-layer off the soil.
Just my .02
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