conifer cones

J.A.E. van Bergeijk jbergeij at
Sat Sep 30 10:16:59 EST 1995

>How involved is it to ship something like this internationally?  I 
>assume you at least need to fumigate.  How do you get a shipment
>through customs and all the biological inspections?
>-- Larry Caldwell           larryc at
>   Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Dear Larry,

As far as I know there are only restrictions for seed 
collectors. If you send dry cones, and have no problem
sending them out of the US, it is unlikely I'll have 
problems getting them in. I can prove it's for a 

But to make sure of this I'll call our national 
phytopathological inspection service to find out.
I'll let you know.

Joep A.E van Bergeijk
The Netherlands

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