logging and environmental problems

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>I agree that many loggers who work in the forest are trying to be good 
>stewards BUT, there will always be those who do not care (name a profession 

Loggers aren't paid to be good stewards, they are paid to do what the boss
tells them to do.  I don't blame them.  It's the company and corporation 
owners that do not care what goes on as long as the maximum bucks flow into 
the company coffers.

>where that doesn't apply), economic factors (after all they are producing 
>the wood and paper WE use every day) and biological factors( an old growth 
>forest can be managed in ways that a high-graded forest cannot - they mus 
>work with the mistakes of the past just like everyone else).

There must be financial incentives and/or disincentives associated with 
forest management.  If environmental costs aren't factored in, we aren't 
paying the true cost.  The same is true for most extractive industries.

>If you want better forestry Practices, be willing to pay more for your wood. 
>Don't place the burden on the hard working guy at the end of the chainsaw!

True.  The guy on the chainsaw is not making a killing, he's just trying to 
make a living.  The guys who own the company are often making a killing 
subsidized by the taxpayers's and at the expense of long-term environmental 
damage.  Southeast Alaska is a good example.  Forest Service-subsidized 
clearcutting for the benefit mainly of the Japanese ecomony. 


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