Charter Boat Pacific

Stacey King banaban at
Mon Apr 1 07:39:30 EST 1996

The members of the Banaban Heritage Society Inc. in Australia are hoping 
to Charter a sea vessel to take Society members on a Scientific 
expedition to the remote Banaban homeland island in the Central Pacific 
aprox. April 1997.  We are hoping to sail via Rabi Island in Fiji, to 
take on Banaban passengers for the journey back to the homeland.  
Envisage a stay on Banaba for up to 10 days...  

If you know of any organisation or company who can charter us such a 
vessel (100 passengers) please get in touch with me on my email address.

If you would like to know more about the Banabans and our Society's 
invovlement with the community, please look to our new www page at

Stacey King
Banaban Heritage Society Inc.

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