I need help with a term paper!!!

Thom dodd at mint.net
Thu Apr 4 20:17:31 EST 1996

CrzyCris wrote:
> I am a high school student and I am doing a term paper on Forestry.  If
> anyone could please E-mail me info on the basic stats of this and related
> careers, such as the job outlook, good universities that specialize in
> forestry, basic salary, etc., it would be greatly appreciated.  Also,
> Anyone who is in this career, please write and tell me your personal
> experiences, why you chose this career,  what employers look for.
> Thanks! :~)
> -Christina

Good set of questions.  I'm a forester in Maine and have studied forestry in both 
Maine and in the northwest U.S.  It would take a book to give you good answers.  Here's 
an easier idea - go to "Steve Shook's Directory of the Forest Products Industry" and 
check out his page on forestry schools:


Use this page to find a forestry school near where you live and check out what they have 
to say.  You will probably get all that you need to know.  Most forestry schools have 
handouts that answer your questions - email a request.

Go into forestry because you like people, trees, people, wildlife, people, soils, 
people, working in bad weather, people, computers, and people.  Too many students choose 
forestry because they think its all trees and no people.  Forget it.  You have to be a 
good people person as well as a good scientist, farmer, and manager.  Competition is 
tough.  You need a 3.0, or even a 3.3, grade point average in college to be considered 
for a job at big name industry or government.  (But remember, grades measure how hard 
you are willing to work, and not how smart you are.)

Good luck.


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