Deforestation in Los Angeles

Steve Shook woodlab at
Wed Apr 10 07:44:30 EST 1996

Raymond Powers raypows at wrote:
> In Los Angeles California the local Los Angeles Board of Supervisors has
> given permission for the degradation of Sunshine Forest, the oldest Oak
> grove forest in L.A. to be used as a land fill. 

What makes this oak grove unique that it should be spared from the "ax?"  I don't see 
what age (i.e., "the oldest Oak grove forest in L.A.) has to do with perserving the 
forest? Is there something special about the oak species at Sunshine Forest that should 
motivate us to perserve the forest?  Are the trees abnormally large?  Is the landscape 
aesthetically pleasing in a relative sense?  Is the area currently not utilized for 
recreational purposes (i.e., the public has found little recreational value in the 
property), thus making it a prime candidate for industrial development? Are there a 
number of other oak groves in L.A.?

You haven't developed an argument as to why we should be motivated to perserve Sunshine 
Forest. Instead, you have used rhetoric (i.e., "the oldest Oak grove forest in L.A.") to 
support your cause.

> We have been sending the board alternative technologies to be considered 
> for trash disposal, but to no avail.
> If you have any info. on new technologies for trash disposal that
> are Earth friendly please let us know.

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