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>Info needed: how to tell black walnut from butternut tree.  Book: Audubon
>Soc. Guide to N.A.trees is 
>not much help.

If you're dealing w/mature trees, the easiest way to tell the difference
is the bark.  Black walnut looks like, well, black walnut whereas
butternut is definitely lighter and more smooth than its cousin.  Black
walnut will remind you of white or green ash, persimmon, maybe dogwood. 
Butternut is a lighter color.

If mature fruit are present, butternut's are more oblong whereas walnut is
mostly round.

Both have chambered pith, but black walnut's leaves usually do NOT have a 
single un-paired leaflet at the tip; butternut does.

Hope this helps!  --Tim
Tim Kazior (orisis at aol.com)
Burlington, KY

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