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Tue Apr 16 21:59:45 EST 1996

Larry Daley <daleyl at> wrote:
> To all:
> My Paulownia tree is seeding now and the pods are full of seed.  If you
> write to the address below and state you can't find commercial seed, I can
> send a few pods. 
> Larry Daley
> Horticulture, 4017 AgSci
> Oregon State University
> Corvallis,OR 97331-7304
Me again...

What variety of paulownia are you growing in Oregon?

How far are you from the Pacific, and what is your
coldest temperature usually experienced?

What rate of growth are you enjoying?  Our patent-
applied-for hybrid clones are regularly producing
from 2" to 3" of DBH increase per growing season;
they will most certainly exhibit less growth in 
a shorter growing season with lower temperatures.

I welcome you to visit our home page:

revisions and updates coming soon!


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