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Melaleuca Strives to Enhance Lives by Helping People Reach Their Goals and
Enhancing the Lives of Those They Touch.

Enhancing Lives with Biodegradable Products.  This service is
dedicated to providing an outline where buyers and sellers
can reach their goal.

Products You Consume Everyday that are Heightened by Melaleuca:

Toothpaste        Antiseptic              Laundry Detergent
Mouthwash         Mouth/Throat Spray      Fabric Softener
Personal Soap     Acne Creme              Pain-relieving Creme
Shampoo           Vitamin Supplement      Household/Kitchen
Conditioner       Sport Bar               Cleaner
Men's Cologne     Fiber Supplement
Women's Cologne   Glass Cleaner           And Many More...
Deodorant         Cleanser
Hand Creme        Water Spot Remover	
Sunscreen         Diswasher Detergent

4 Ways to Earn Income Through Melaleuca Products:

	 (1) Retail
	 (2) Product Introduction 
	 (3) Commissions
	 (4) Bonus


The more people you know and they know the more your business grows.
Example: You sign up four preferred customers and they inturn sign 
up customers and they inturn signs up people.  As the ladder grows,
you get 7% of sales for all customers you sign up and they sign up.
This ladder can grow up to 20% commission of all sales.

Notices can be obtained through the below listings.

General E-mail: dmiller at ism.net
WWW: heep://www.ism.net/~dmiller
Voice:  (406) 2582868
U.S. Mail: D. Miller, 7100 Zaugg Dr. #13, Missoula, MT  59802

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