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Fri Apr 19 17:38:44 EST 1996


You might get a great start in Oregon, you get could get excellent
training here and then more readily compete for the scarce jobs in the
tropics.  Try Professor Barbara Yoder at yoderb at

Larry Daley

On 17 Apr 1996, SAFS Staff Netscape User wrote:

> Katrine V Smith
> 4 Palmaston Close
> Lancaster LA1 5BS
> UK
> 17 March 1996
> I am a second year life sciences undergraduate at the School of Biology, 
> Manchester University.  My main career aim is to work in tropical 
> forests, particularly in sustainable reforesting of logged areas as well 
> as sustainable cropping of primary forest under conservation.
> I spent summer 1995 with the Sunseed Trust working in a tree nursery 
> under desertic conditions in Spain, testing methods aimed for 
> introduction to combat desert encroachment in developing countries in 
> Africa.
> My degree course has a sandwich year, 1996-1997, which I intend to use to 
> gain work experience.  Currently I am trying to put together a programme 
> involving work in the field.  I am free to location within the UK or 
> abroad, free to project duration - 6 months or longer - and self-financed 
> if required.
> Katrine V Smith
> NB Please reply to address at the top of the letter!

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