California Forestry regs [POLICY]

Arne Hultgren arne at
Sun Apr 21 15:54:07 EST 1996

California has the most restrictive forest practice rules in the nation, 
and possibly the world. This makes the role of the Liscensed Professional 
Forester complex, and the need for continued high standards for 
certification. The harvest plan (THP) in California is the functional 
equivalent of an EIR.

For those of you interested in forest policy & regulation, here's the 
full text of SOME of the rules/regulations used in California to govern 
the use of forest resources. There was one individual, to whom I promised 
to obtain a copy of these, but I no longer have his address.

They are WordPerfect 5.1 format, & can be obtained per the below-noted 
URL addresses.

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