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Leif Ahlin leif.ahlin at hotell.itz.se
Tue Apr 23 14:16:42 EST 1996

Hello Steve !

I need information about Eucalyptus trees in the Southern Highlands in 
Tanzania where I am doing a volunteer reasearch for a paper mill. I need 
information about the heatvalues, density and amount of bark (%) on a log 
of the kind of eucalyptus that groves there. Unfortunately don´t I have 
the latin name of the tree. I also need the same information for "Pinus 
Patula". I have tried to find the information on the Internet but failed 
and then I saw Your adress at a newsgroup ( the only newsgroup over 
Forestry that had a message). I am taking a chance and hope that You may 
know where I can find such information, if not am I sorry for the 

Regards......Lars Ahlin

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