aspens and poplars

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Sat Apr 27 22:08:52 EST 1996

Bono Sen and others:
	In response to your post, 'hybrid poplars', in the pacific
northwest, generally refers to the offspring of _Populus trichocarpa_
(black cottonwood) and _Populus deltoides_ (eastern cottonwood). Hybrid
clones of this lineage are being commerically planted here, and can yield
a 'crop' of pulpwood trees in 6-7 years(!). Here at the University of
Washington there is a gopher site that covers the genetics research being
done on these hybrid poplars: gopher://

	Other interspecific hybrids of Populus have also been developed
(P. deltoides x P. nigra) etc.  Extensive research is being conducted by
UW and by private industry to find the optimum hybrid clones for highest
pulpwood production for each area of the country.  The USFS station at
Rhinelander WI has also done a good deal of this work.

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On 24 Apr 1996, Bono Sen wrote:

> I have been trying to find out the difference between hybrid poplar
> and hybrid aspen, but haven't had any luck so far. If anyone has the
> answer, could you please send me an email.
> Thanks,
> Bono
> bsen at

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