Entering the realm of Permaculture

Jeff Dean dean at direct.com
Sun Apr 28 16:12:50 EST 1996

   A young friend of mine who is just graduating from high school is wanting
to get into permaculture.   She has looked at the effects of monoculture
and finds it quite devastating to local economies, bioregions, and
peoples.   She is looking to go to university so she can attain a greater
knowledge base in the area of region appropriate agriculture.  Before she
chooses an institution and a course plan she would like to have some hands
on experience with communities preferably in countries more heavily
damaged by IMF and World Bank agricultural export policies.  She would
like the community to be modelling successful, local economy based growing
and distribution.
        Are there any projects known of out there that would perhaps assist
her in choosing her appropriate path in this field?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
dean at direct.ca

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