What is this newsgroup?

Aquawoman!<..> sigman at robles.callutheran.edu
Mon Apr 29 12:20:33 EST 1996


I am a college student at California Lutheran University and i am 
currently involved in a project that includes finding any and all 
environmental newsgroups.   I have inclosed a short 4 question survey 
please fill it out and e-mail it back to me at sigman at robles.callutheran.edu.

1>  Would you consider this an environmentalists newsgroup?
	a  yes		b.  no		c.  somewhat	d. do not know

2> How would you discribe this newsgroup?

3> Would you cansider yourself an environmentalist?
	a. yes	  b. no		c.  somewhat/do not know

For statistical reasons only.

4> What age group do yo fall in?

	a.  under 20
	b.  20-30
	c.  30-40
	d.  40-50
	e.  50 and above

Thank you

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