decomposing fresh coffee pulp

Guenter Dobler a.despradel at
Tue Apr 30 21:09:50 EST 1996

I'm working in forestry investigation in a NGO in the Dominican 
Republic. We've found out that a mixture that contains nearly 50% 
 decomposed coffee pulp shows very good results as substrat in 
pine-production in Hiko-Boxes-Containers (45% coffee pulp, 40% 
ash of rice peels, 15% earth material with micorriza 
(Ah-horizon)). It's easy to get fresh coffee pulp of big coffee 
farms free of charge. Now we are trying to find ways to 
accelerate the proces of decomposition.

Do yo have any information or experiences about this theme?
Any help will be appreciated! 

Guenter Dobler
Dominican Republic
E-Mail-Address: a.despradel at

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