ForestNet web traffic soars

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Thu Aug 8 01:46:35 EST 1996

ForestNet's July Web traffic soars 

ForestNet had set a company goal to increase its Web traffic from 84,000
hits in June to over 100,000 in July. Not only did the company meet its
goal, but traffic soared to over 135,000 hits, a stunning 38% traffic
increase in one month. The total number of visitors exceeded 6,000 Web
users from over 50 countries. Check out a <a href=july.html>selected
sample</a> of our Web statistics for July. For advertisers interested in
a more detailed breakdown about the value of advertising on ForestNet,
please <a href=mailto:admin at>email</a> or call
1-541-334-6235. ForestNet offers low cost $500 Web starter kits
including 20 Web pages. 

Complementary copy of Wood Markets Quarterly is available!

Vancouver, B.C. -- <a href=taylor/order1.html>Wood Markets
Quarterly,</a>, a strategically focused forest industry newsletter has
been released and is now available to assist industry executives,
managers, marketing personnel and analysts in keeping up with the
on-going volatility of the solid wood sector. This is the companion
report to Wood Markets '96 Edition, the five-year forecast and reference
guide to the solid wood products sector that is published annually by
published by <a href=taylor/index.html>International Wood Markets
Research, Inc.</a>

This 16-page quarterly report provides in-depth analysis and summarizes
industry data for North American wood products sellers, buyers and other
industry watchers as they make decisions during an era of unprecedented

Check out <a href=> Forest Products
Equipment's </a> August articles

<a href=fpe/august/wwood.html>Waste Wood Recovery Services: Grinding Out
An Idea </a> 
"Necessity is the mother of invention" is an old saying that is
continually proven true. Though he may not have an invention waiting to
be patented, Steve Bowen did perceive a need, and from that perception,
he has started his own business.
<a href=fpe/august/energy.html>Producing Energy Through Cogeneration
Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of heat energy and
electricity from the same fuel source. Cogen systems are fairly common
when operating a dry kiln
facility, but what are the factors involved in producing electricity in
the process? 

<a href=fpe/august/pallet.html>Pallet Specs from the NWPCA  </a> 
With outsourcing of distribution spreading like wildfire, will pallets
and containers be next? The growth of logistics management services and
returnable container systems signals a change in how customers are
approaching their warehousing and distribution systems.

<a href=fpe/august/finance.html>Financial column</a> 
In this month's column, we are introducing Smith-Barney's TEN+ (Ten
Names) list for 1996-1997 

<a href=fpe/august/silver.html>Silver Knob Pallet:  Door of Opportunity 
Silver Knob Pallet is the fruit of a great business opportunity that
presented itself to Paul Peachey several years ago. Now with the success
of the company growing, Peachey is looking for a more steamlined
performance from his operation. 

<a href=fpe/august/edita.html>Editorial by Allen Smith:  Virtue of
The standards have been lowered when it comes to our elected officials.
Who's at fault? The American public. 

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