Trees from seeds (cones): need info

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Wed Aug 14 15:26:01 EST 1996

Kind of depends on the nature of the seeds you wish to collect and/or plant.  
Soft woods or hard woods?  Cant help you on locations, but I can help a little 
on process of doing so.  I am a forester, working in the south.  For locale 
information check with your state/province forest service, local 
college/university/school that has an environmental/forestry/ag education 
department.  If you are US rural, check your local landowners associations.  
Last bet, make friends with a logger, they are usually not as hairy as they 

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>I'm interested in this as well.  Please post here.  Thanks.
>Dave Beede

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>>Anyone point me to sites where text info on how to harvest, plant tree 
>>seeds can be found? Specifically north east (Maritimes) if that matters.


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