Trees from seeds (cones): need info

David G. Jones djones at
Thu Aug 15 06:26:07 EST 1996

Thanks for the note. I have had some success at local libraries, and have 
gathered (now) a rather large amount of hard and softwood seed. The seed 
is being gathered in eastern Ontario and will be planted in a 
(relatively) high, sand/rock soil in Nova Scotia.  

I'll report back to this group in a year or two whether anything takes. 

 Don Staples 
(dstaples at wrote:
: Kind of depends on the nature of the seeds you wish to collect and/or plant.  
: Soft woods or hard woods?  Cant help you on locations, but I can help a little 
: on process of doing so.  I am a forester, working in the south.  For locale 
: information check with your state/province forest service, local 

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