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Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Sat Aug 17 13:19:35 EST 1996

Steele Haughton wrote:
> >   Dear ag-forst netters,  The potential of this net  to provide a useful
> > platform for  discussion   is seriously compromised. I am quite turned off
> > by the number of personal attacks and  the language of abuse and ridicule
> > that is increasingly being used. If people wish to debate the scientific
> > facts  of  a case, well and good,  but stoopng to personal inuendo  and
> > abuse is  waste of the potential of this net.
> >
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> > Hamilton, New Zealand
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> Hear hear to the above. I suggest those who wish to involve themselves in heated
> debate on enviro-politics are encouraged elsewhere (possibly by starting a
> specialised newsgroup for the purpose).
> This group could be the focus for the transfer of many interesting forestry and
> agro forestry ideas from one part of the world to another - I spend a lot of my
> time transfering good forestry ideas from one part of the UK to another to good
> effect so the potential for this group must be enormous.
> There is a place for passionate environmental debate - just not here.
> PS Should there be a separate FORESTRY or FORESTRY/SILVICULTURE group?
> --
>  Steele Haughton
> haughton at argonet.co.uk

I suspect that those engaged in those enviro- political debates don't check this 
group so are unaware of recent messages trying to discourage them (unless these 
messages are also crossposted). Somebody will have to play net cop here. I won't 
because I get too emotional if it turns into an argumentative situation; somebody 
with more diplomatic skills could volunteer. <G>

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