what are we about?

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sun Aug 18 21:09:12 EST 1996

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>Subject: Re: what are we about?
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>>Steele Haughton wrote:
>>> >   Dear ag-forst netters,  The potential of this net  to provide a useful
>>> > platform for ....blah blah ..

>I've been trying for a couple of months to raise some interest in flaming 
>these people and perhaps to drown their rubbish by getting some RELEVANT 
>posting happening on this newsgroup. I have posted rather abusive messages to 
>all of the newsgroups where this crossposting is happening as well as some 
>more polite pleas (these came first). 

>No-one seems to care.

>Whilst I can understand a general distrust of moderated groups, I do not feel 
>that this group has a sensible future unless some rigorous vetting of material 
>is introduced. Whilst some will say that most newsgroup viewers can be 
>configured to ignore cross-posts, I would imagine that many potential users of 
>this group would not necessarily have the backup or expertise to sort these 
>things out (or maybe even access to such a viewer - I don't). 
>It is not only cross-posts that are the problem anyway. 

>Is there substantial support for serious moderation? And if so are there any 
>volunteers? I've noted some regular posters to this group who seem to be 
>level-headed and fair-minded in their comments.

>Cheers, Mark

I agree.  We have the same debate with our local Associations of Consulting 
Foresters, the forum is here, the mechanism is here, and we get into 
dissertations on moving electrons from deep space as is seen in the most 
recent filings on this news group.  As a practicing foresters that is much in 
the forestry world that I would like to read, see, hear about, etc.  This is 
one way for all to get on board an open discussion on my (our) 
profession/interest.  Foresters have always been open on the sharing of 
information, this web site allows an incredible access to the worlds 
practitioners of forestry.   

Could be quite a rush.

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