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To: agroforestry netters
From: Gerry Lawson (biosci-agroforestry 'discussion leader')
cc: Dave Kristofferson (Biosci Manager)  & Jarmo Saarikko (FFRI) (for

There have been a number of contributions like the following:
'Lets cut to the chase and form a forestry net.  Todays listing has the 
unending search for the cost of moving a molecule across the universe
to a  line on AIDS and the worlds population, now and eons ago.'

'One of the group leaders wants restriction to international forestry
subjects.  How about to North American forestry subjects?  We have
much to discuss, and  have little in common (other than the profession)
with European or 3rd world  forestry.   As one contributor asked, "What
is agroforestry?'  Let us talk the business of  forestry.'

My posting of 10th July (giving the history of this list) is repeated at the
end of this message. There is already a 'pure' forestry list.  This is run
from Finland,  and is very international.  To subscribe to this you should
send to
with the folliwing message:
                            SUBscribe FOREST

There are literally scores of other forestry lists & I recommend everyone
to read the WONDERFUL compilation of 'forestry information resources
on the internet' (although its now more than a year old) maintained by
Jarmo Saarikko of the Finnish Forestry Research Institute:
( .

I'm sure you'll find lists there that give better coverage of the US (there's
even one exclusively for the Pacific North West).  If anyone knows of
other good forestry lists not included in Jarmo's document (e.g.
MANDECS) I'm sure he'd be glad to know (and maybe you could also tell
members of this group).

So, with all these other forestry lists around I'm getting the feeling that
members want this newsgroup to be more closely tied to
AGROFORESTRY and to be MODERATED.  Increasing numbers of Biosci
newsgroups seem to be going this way - meaning that all messages
would be forwarded to me for subsequent transmission to the group as
a whole (have a look at for more info on biosci(e.g. there's
a useful address form to fill in)).  This would perhaps eliminate 95% of
the junk mail, but you'd be stuck with my judgement!   Please reply to me
personally (rather than clog the list) with header VOTE.   I'll wait till the
end of September then let summarise the result.

Thanks  Gerry Lawson 

Copy of message to agroforestry newsgroup on 10/7/96

I guess as the notional 'discussion leader' for this group I should reply
(although, as you may have noticed,  I don't do much 'leading').   The
following is not quite a FAQ, but gives background.

1. The Agroforestry Newsgroup on BIOSCI arose from discussions
within the UK Agroforestry Research Forum during 1989.  The UKARF is
a unique collection of individuals from different Universities and
Institutions in the UK who got together to design experiments and
protocols for the evaluation of both silvopastoral and silvoarable systems
 in the UK.  This group continues to hold annual meetings, and you are
recommended to contact Fergus Sinclair (f.l.sinclair@ for
information on 'Agroforestry Forum'  the bi-annual jounal of the UKARF,
which he edits.  The last issue had a special focus on roots research. 
Subscription costs #15 to individuals and is highly recommended!

2.  The idea of setting up this newsgroup was floated at the international
meeting on agroforestry in Edinburgh in July 1989 (see PG Jarvis (ed),
Agroforestry: principles and practice, Elsevier, 1991), and subsequently
sucessfully went through the international voting proceedure.

3.  Early years were not very active, but traffic has gradually built up. 
Much of this concerns very general forestry issues, and often
concentrates on the US.  Agroforesters are therefore encouraged to
contribute with questions, news of meetings, and pointers to interesting
results.  People with an interest exclusively in forestry may be better to
subscribe to the IUFRO sponsered newsgroup (send 'subscribe forest'
to mailserver at

4.  Many definitions exist of 'agroforestry', but this newsgroup covers all
aspects of mixed trees and crops or animals.  Spaced-trees,
alley-cropping, relay-intercropping, multi-strata, shelter-strips,
farm-woodlands etc. all count!

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