what are we about?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at vgernet.net
Tue Aug 20 06:25:28 EST 1996

Charles Sartwell wrote:

>      Who do you want to exclude? I remember the days when timberbeasts and
> firefighters reigned supreme in North American forestry, but later saw due
> recognition given to silviculturists, and even later to wildlife and
> fishery specialists.
>       I urge being inclusive, at least until the newsgroup gets so large
> as to be unwieldy.

Some days most of the posts are about nuclear reactors, global warming, etc. 
which are fascinating topics but I'd rather come here for any sort of natural 
resource discussions- forestry mostly but some discussion of related issues 
like wildlife mgt. watershed mgt., recreation, etc. We foresters are suppossed 
to be responible for more than just trees. But the context of the non tree 
stuff should be related to land mgt. issues. Economic and political stuff may 
or may not be relevant.

But I think the moderator ought to have a loose grip and let a few off beat 
messages in once awhile. <G> Just keep out the obvious spam and stuff about 
nukes, etc.

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