PAG-5 Solanaceae Workshop

Stephen R. Heller srheller at ORIGIN.GIG.USDA.GOV
Mon Aug 19 19:32:14 EST 1996

Dear Colleagues,

This year, there will be a "Solanaceae Workshop" held during the Plant and
Animal Genome V (PAG-V) conference.  The conference will  be held in San
Diego, California, from 12 - 17 January 1997, and the workshop is
tentatively scheduled for the evening of Monday, January 13.

The workshop will provide a forum for updates on the "state of the art" of
genome analysis in the Solanaceae, and will aim to foster interaction among
researchers.  Possible topics of presentations/ discussion include:

=FA State of the tomato, pepper and potato genetic maps
=FA QTL mapping
=FA The Solgenes database
=FA Comparative mapping in the Solanaceae
=FA Genetics of disease resistance
=FA Physical mapping and gene cloning

We expect to hear from five to six speakers, and to then open the floor for

We would like to invite you to attend the workshop, and to give us your
input regarding the specific topics and speakers.

Yours faithfully,

S. D. Tanksley, Cornell University
R. J. Nelson, International Potato Center

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