Position at University of Canterbury

Tue Aug 20 17:07:59 EST 1996

Applications are invited for a tenured position of Lecturer in the School
of Forestry in either Forest Roading and Transport, or in Forest
Protection. The minimum qualification on appointment is the Ph.D. degree or
equivalent research experience. The appointee will be required to teach
undergraduate and postgraduate courses, to supervise postgraduate research
and to establish a research programme.  Applicants also will be expected to
contribute to the wider forestry program.

Academic enquiries may be made to Professor R. Sands, Fax 64-3-364 2124 or
Email: <r.sands at fore.canterbury.ac.nz>.  The University's WWW address is:


The School of Forestry offers the degrees of Bachelor of Forestry Science,
Master of Forestry Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and the Postgraduate
Diploma in Forestry. School staff also contribute substantially to the
Bachelor of Engineering (Forestry) degree at Canterbury.  The academic
staff consists of 10 active researchers and teachers supplemented by
teaching and research support from the forestry sector as a whole,
including bodies such as the NZ Forest Research Institute, Ministry of
Forestry, NZ Forest Owners' Association and Department of Conservation, as
well as with other departments at Canterbury and Lincoln Universities.  The
appointee will be expected to maintain and enhance collaboration with one
or more of these organisations, as well as being committed to excellence in
their own teaching and research.

The Lecturer in Forest Roading and Transport would contribute to the
undergraduate and postgraduate courses in roading and transport in the
Bachelor of Forest Science and Bachelor of Engineering (Forestry) degrees.
The appointee would interact with the School of Engineering.

The Lecturer in Forest Protection probably would be a Pathologist or an
Entomologist with an ecological and a management emphasis.  The appointee
would teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Forest Protection
(protection from disease,insects, vertebrates, fire and wind).

The School of Forestry has an integrated curriculum where all staff are
encouraged to explore wider issues outside of their speciality and the
appointee would contribute along with other staff to the Management Case
Study in the final year of the undergraduate degree.

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