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Elfpermacl elfpermacl at
Wed Aug 21 18:08:06 EST 1996

I've seen promotional material on a book about organizations that give
grants to environmental projects. But we've moved and it is among the
stuff I though I wouldn't need and threw out.  
Now we are trying to fund a 3-year program to get a permaculature
eduction, demonstration, research and resource center going in the Lake
Victoria area of Kenya. This is at the request of a Kenyan group that has
formed a permaculture foundation there for the purpose.

Can you supply the name and source of this book or any such book? I'm not
good at fundraising but I'm putting energy into this project because not
only can it help very many people in a serious bind, but it can be a model
for many other places. 

Obviously, we also can take direct contributions. Email for info. We have
a US non-profit umbrella for folks here who need the tax credits and  of
course the Kenyan Foundation that can receive funds. Request more info by
email if you are interested.

For Mother Earth,
Dan Hemenway,  Elfin Permaculture, Elfpermacl at or
Permacltur at
P.O. Box 2052, Ocala FL 34478-2052 USA

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