forestry consultants?

Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Aug 26 10:56:54 EST 1996

Been a consultant for 17 years, and a forester for 30, in east Texas.

SIP is dead, with no sorrow shed in Texas.  It put money into the state Forest 
Services' pocket, not the consultants.

Bureaucrats, are bureaucrats.  They have little real contack with field 
forestry in Texas, and there is an on going skirmish between the state and the 
consultants.  We may be getting better, time will tell.

Southern pine market soft, getting better.  Canadian agreement to curtail some 
shipments probably has helped down here.

I write most of my own software, but, Greenbrier Graphics has "Deed Plotter+ 
for Windows" that is a little dandy survey program.  They are in WV, 
304-484-7034.  Not a commercial indorsement, good program for a small business.

Insurance!  We don' need no insurance!  Said with finest Mexican accent.  Hard 
to get here, expensive, and not good coverage.  CFA has a new carrier I am 
going to try.

Keep up the conversation guys.

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>>I've been a forestry consultant in Western Mass. for about 20 years. I'd 
>>like to hear from other consultants.
>>a. how do you like S.I.P.?
>>b. getting along with the bureaucrats?
>>c. how's your local timber markets?
>>d. find any good software?
>>e. find any decent insurance?
>>f. whatever

>IS Development/Hybrid Technologies ( sells great 
>software for the forest industry. Handheld data collectors with Timber 
>Cruise,Lumber Grading, Log Scaling as well as Voice Tally applications for the 
>PC and PC software for the Logging Contractor, Log Buyer etc etc.

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