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Logging and Sawmilling Journal: July/August 1996 articles  

ForestNet has posted the latest issue of the popular Logging and
Sawmilling Journal.  Be the first on your Web block to read these useful

Target:  Yard Fibre Loss
At Merritt, British Columbia, Weyerhaeuser experiments with different
log handling systems to reduce the fibre loss through stem breakage -
and to add to mill recovery.

New Plant in the Sault St Marie, Ontario
GP Flakeboard launches a new MDF plant in Sault Ste. Marie, creating 87
jobs with a primary fibre diet of sawdust - not so long ago shipped to
the landfill.

Demo '96 Show Preview
Demo '96 organizers predict record attendance for what they say will be
the most interesting and varied conference and exhibition in the show's
30-year history.

Pre-Demo Conference
A forest industry conference with an international scope kicks off Demo
'96, running September 10 and 11. 

Timely, perfect yarder
Born in Bill Varner's machine shop in Enderby, Skylead Logging Equipment
has seen small cable yarder sales explode in Interior BC.<br>

Radio-controlled carriage ideal in selective corridor logging
Using a radio-controlled, slack pulling carriage in cable yarding
provides greater versatility than a simple butt rigging configuration.

Swedish Harvesting Heads: Hultdins 850 & 560
After early market forays, Hultdins discovered it had to build a
harvesting head that could take rugged treatment - or forget about sales
in North America.

A Dimension Gem
Sunpine Forest Products doubles lumber production - and improves
recovery by a striking 20 percent - with a $21 million all-Canadian
high-tech upgrade.

New Hermary Opto LPS 2016 Scans up to 256 Log Points
Electrical engineers have developed a new type of true-shape laser
profile scanning that reduces computer guesswork.

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