forester licensing in Massachusetts

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Dec 5 07:44:09 EST 1996

Massachusetts will soon be licensing foresters. I'm not sure why the
state is bothering or who's interest it's in to do this. There aren't
any foresters running amok that I'm aware of. Everyone in this state
claiming to be a forester has a forestry degree of some sort and many
years experience. Most of us got into this about the same time, back in
the 70's. There are very few new foresters entering the business so the
consultants have no need to to do like every other profession- have a
closed shop to restrict competition and jack up prices.

I suppose having a licensing program will give the state forestry people
something to do, but I can think of more usefull activities for them.

How is forester licensing working out in other states? What are your
opinions on this? There is a public hearing next week on the rules and
regulations to go into effect- I'd like to be able to mention how others
feel about licensing elsewhere in the nation or planet. Not that anyone
at the hearing cares what I think. <BG>

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